“Pocket Life” – The adventure girl that travels with a caravan with her two adorable dogs

Can you imagine something more exciting and fun that traveling with a caravan with your two dogs that accompany you on your adventures? 

Amie is a professional photographer who lives with her two Border Collies named Edge & Luna. She is a real lover of nature and travel and n her spare time she journeys around SEQ Overlanding on photography adventures.
Her adorable mobile home is called Pocket Life presenting the perfect harmony of simple liveable technology, with the comfort of nature and a gentle footprint. She likes to embrace a philosophy to live with less- fewer physical possessions, less debt and unnecessary expenses – as she states in her blog.

Amie works with providers that are choosing ethical and sustainable business models as she is a supporter of the healthy environment, doing her best to be kinder to the planet, by saving energy and resources, and reducing waste.

You can take a special look of the interior of the little caravan, also you can follow her adventures on her youtube channel. Be sure that she’ll guarantee you a great fun.




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