Meet the desert queen – Luciana Tanase brings fashion and travel on another level

Luciana Tanase is a 24-year old girl that inspires with her sense of style and aesthetics.
She owns a clothing line called I-Lo Fashion creating breathtaking pieces that even Cleopatra would dream wearing.

Trough her designs you can see that she finds fashion as much more than just clothing, making it a representation of power and character.

Posing like a real-life dessert queen she creates a persona within her designs that will make every woman wearing the pieces feel confident, feminine, sensual and strong.


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Luciana is a passionate traveler, but instead of just taking photos of the monuments she visits, she tries to really blend in the atmosphere and capture the real feeling of being there. Posing in front of the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut dressed as a real Egyptian goddess she makes it look like a travel in time.

We are sure that you will enjoy her adventure stories and her exceptional fashion taste.

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