If You Have This Plant In Your House, You Will Never See Mice, Spiders and Other Insects Again!

There are about 200 million of insects and many different species. Generally, insects are arthropods with specialized extremities and a body divided into parts, covered in exoskeleton. In some cases, the exoskeleton can develop into a shell. Moreover, insects also have antennas, several extremities, and sometimes even wings. They are usually tiny, except for the beetles which are bigger.

Some insects feed on plant while others on meat or carrion.  Given the fact that insects feed on other species, preventing them from turning into plagues, the fact that they have an important role in nature doesn’t come as surprise.

A Wonderful Plant in the Struggle Against the Plagues

A huge percentage of the organic matter is decomposed and eliminated by insects. This is very important because they are the major pollinizer of plants and thus represent an important ecological and economic matter.

Typically, when we spot a spider or any other insect in the house, we tend to scream or even throw items at them, despite the fact that there are others present in the house.  Regardless of their importance in nature, no one wants spiders, cockroaches or other insect nearby.

Below, we present a natural insect repellent which is free of toxins, unlike the store-bought insecticides which contain toxic chemicals and are a detriment to our health. Moreover, this all-natural repellent will leave a nice and refreshing smell around the house.

This natural repellent uses a fresh mint as key ingredient, a grass which is widely known for its aromatic properties.  Even though it is mostly used in gastronomy, its therapeutic properties cannot be neglected.

How to Use it?

1.All you have to do is to prepare a concentrated mint tea and pour it into a spray bottle.

2.Spritz every corner around the house, especially the rims of the windows and the doors` corners.

Insects cannot stand its smell and will stay away from the house. As mentioned above, this trick will leave a fresh and pleasant smell in the home.


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