Secrets for tapping your inner psychic

I’ve always been interested in how far we can go in reaching our highest potentials, and when I was a teenager I often wondered what new capacities we would develop. I first believed that it would be psychic abilities. I was very intrigued with all things paranormal and experimented in different ways with how to develop my skills in this area.

Later in life, I came to see directly that the most important abilities we need to develop were not psychic abilities. Instead, I’ve come to appreciate two particular capacities that I consider revolutionary and important for us to cultivate. One is our ability to perceive the world and life with greater and greater freedom from our fixed ideas. And the other is our ability to join together with others in a common vision, passion and care for our collective future.

I still have a playful curiosity about inner psychic phenomena and I continue to experiment, and I’m happy to share my theory and approach with you.

If you’ve seen my live performance you know that I like to make people think — and that I don’t tell people whether what I do is real or not. (And likewise I will continue to leave you guessing!) In my performance, I also like to blow people’s minds in a way that will help suspend their ideas about reality rather than create new ideas. Being able to suspend ALL our ideas about reality creates an extraordinary space for us to discover more. That’s because fixed ideas create limitations on reality and on our capacity to perceive life with greater depth. When those ideas are relinquished, we mysteriously find that more is revealed than we ever imagined.

Now I will share my ideas about how psychic abilities work. But just to let you know: Being able to let go of all our ideas even for an instant is infinitely more meaningful than even the most exciting ideas about how psychic abilities work. I dare you to try it!

Letting go, having fun

In the early years of having psychic experiences, I noticed a pattern. I noticed that whether something spontaneously came to my mind or I consciously tried to figure out what someone was thinking or what was going to happen, I began to recognize a different quality of mind in myself. I was just having fun! I was in a state of playful curiosity and interest and had absolutely no egoic, or self-centered, investment in the outcome. Then I tried psychic chat rooms and I dare you to try this too! It’s not easy to let go of egoic investment in the outcome, particularly if the outcome might turn out to be that you can predict things and read minds. And what if you could win the lottery?

Given that one of the conditions that facilitates psychic abilities is to be unattached to the outcome, how are we to proceed? Perhaps one or two of you reading this post are champion Buddhists who have transcended fear or desire, and if so, you are ready! But for the rest of us, I have a few other “techniques” to share with you.

One of those techniques is to derail your normal thinking process and to try to create circumstances that bypass your logical mind. I believe that a psychic impression is not something that you think, even though it eventually manifests in your mind as thought. If you know that you are not going to arrive at it by thinking about it, you have your first clue and you can experiment with that.

Another thing you can try is to catch yourself (or someone else) off guard. In my performances I often bring people on stage and experiment to see whether they can read someone else’s mind or guess something accurately. I always try to catch them off guard and try to get them to respond faster than they can think. For instance, I will ask someone to draw something without hesitation one time, another time I will ask them to give me a letter from the alphabet, while another time I will ask them what they can feel.

Don’t overthink it!

In order to facilitate this process, I, too, must operate under unpredictable circumstances. This is another thing you can experiment with. Create circumstances that will make it easier for you or someone else to respond faster than you or they can think. Thinking is an extraordinary capacity, but for this you want try to temporarily bypass it or relate to it as if it is not the center of your awareness.

Another thing  you can experiment with is to see whether you can just enter a state of relaxed attention where you are not paying attention to anything specific and just letting a thought or image pop into your mind (without thinking it). You have to be patient and see whether something enters your mind without you thinking it. This is what I did to become a finalist in a remote-viewing competition tied to the release of the movie “The ESP Affair.” (Maybe I really am psychic after all!)

If all this fails, it’s good to know it doesn’t mean that much anyway. And it’s important to know that the potentials and needs for our future do not lie in people who can read minds and predict events, but in people who can hold a vast perspective on life and of who we are and inspire more and more of us to engage together to create a better world for everyone.

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