How to thrift your fashion

How to thrift your fashion


Niqua Jeanette



Niqua Jeanette will guide you on how to live on a budget, or how to buy and build your style according to your budget.

Her advice will be welcomed.

Her blog explains all the adventures you can have with your budget.

Nika uses her blog to give tips on how to look beautiful and decent with less money spent. But she also describes her entrepreneurial life, her work from 8 to 5, as well as other interesting facts about her finest life.

She also describes life in Atalanta how that place opened the doors for business, for several years running a successful fashion store.
And not only how to use the budget wisely, but also many other tips on how to find yourself, that being a single is not so scary, and ups and downs in life.

Look at her blog, maybe you’ll become smarter how to spend your money 🙂


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