How to be mom-of-four, Business Owner and Blogger at the same time

How to be mom-of-four, Business Owner, and Blogger at the same time


Tiffany Raiford



A busy woman with a pale, pasty skin, born and raised in Florida.

In her blog, Tiffany will explain to you how she has been surviving with four kids, sweet husband and maintaining full-time writing.

Her obsession for writing about her busy schedule will get you speechless.

Tiffany has been writing since 2009, at the beginning, she lands a few clients but now she is working with some of the most recognizable companies/brands in the country. She figured it was time to write professionally when she began receiving so many Facebook messages, Instagram messages and more from friends, strangers, family, and people she has never met.

She has blogged and published around 30 000 posts for very popular sites,  law offices, travel companies, and more.

A very interesting and cool person who has been writing about everything will give many tips about every aspect of life.

Check out her blog and grab a cup of coffee because it will be a long adventure 🙂





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