Be That Kind Of Woman

Be That Kind Of Woman


Taylor Rae Kerley



Taylor will explain to you how to be that kind of woman that you always wanted to be.

She is young woman passionate about self-love education, living in the world of optimism and building others up.

Very beautiful 12-year vegetarian, a fan of cheesy pickup lines and taco bell, a fan of 90s r&b and Kanye, she will in a interesting way explain to you how to have a bikini body.

How to push forward and handle whatever life throws at you, Taylor knows the answer.

In her blog, she explains how to have the confidence to be alone, but also not to be afraid to give your love with no strings attached, just to give it. Because she knows best that there is so much more to life than finding someone who will want you. There is so much joy that comes with you discovering yourself without trying to find someone to love you along the way.

Her prime goal in life has been to feel effervescent and thriving both inside and out. Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Now she has been enjoying life better because she ignores those who threaten her joy.

A very smart and happy 22-year-old girl who will give you 22 life lessons.

Check out her blog and assured yourself.




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