How to write a blog while studying and working

How to write a blog while studying and working


Kayla Merwin



Kayla Merwin will explain this to you.

Kayla Merwin is a very busy young girl from Atlanta.

She has been living with her boyfriend, sister, and two pets, Brody the dog and Cinder the cat who has made her life more beautiful.

She is only 21 years old but her life is full of ups and downs.

Kayla started her blog because she likes to travel and explore new places, and passion for fashion and makeup.

She is a fashion addict, spends all of her money for that 🙂

Going through some rough time in her life, Kayla message for all of us is that we must forgive ourselves and forget our past. Because the past doesn’t define us. To surround ourselves with positive, accepting people and our life will be much easier.

She has been living on a tight budget between rent, food, gas, and bills but she wants you to travel more and in her blog, she explains how we could manage that.

Read about her trip to Mexico with her friend and other interesting stuff about fashion, dogs, and travel on her official blog.




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