What’s in My Work Bag? – Retail Edition


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What’s in My Work Bag? – Retail Edition


Hello, Bananas!

Today’s post, is one I always love reading: “What’s in my bag?” tags! This particular “bag” is centered around necessities for someone working a retail job, but I think you can still find some handy essentials to add to yours! I typically work eight-hour shifts, so that does require being prepared to be out of the house a good portion of the day.


Here’s what I take with me:
The Bag – Vogue Magazine brandless bag: It was gifted to me, so I am not sure of its origins, but it is the perfect size to house all my belongings AND has an additional detachable shoulder strap.1.

1.“Savior Bag” – I got this bag from a past ipsy subscription and I think it is the perfect bag to house some “saving the day” kinda products, things like feminine care, extra hair ties, bobby pins, face powder, travel mascara/eyeliner, etc.
PLUS, every item in this bag was bought to live in this bag, so it never has to leave my purse and I’m never missing it.

2.Body Mist – I think a really quick and easy way to refresh during the day or after a lunch break, is with a few spritzes of a body mist. I prefer body mist over perfume, mainly because it’s not too over-powering on the sales floor and is fairly inexpensive to replace. (This particular one is XOXO Mi Amore)

3.Wallet – Betsey Johnson just gets me. I am always drawn to her super girly patterns and prints, but besides that, a wallet is a MUST. I tend to go for the more clutch-style wallets, with an accompanying wrist strap because my iPhone fits inside of it and I can just grab that if I want to run out into the mall quickly and either grab food or shop around during my lunch hour.

4.Gum & Nail File – Self-explanatory, but I never like to have a work bag without some sort of breath fresheners and a hangnail’s best friend. The gum preference changes often, but the nail files I love are by Revlon and come in a bulk pack, so I always have them on hand.

5.Lotion – Another common essential, with how dry the air is in my store and the fact that I am washing my hands a lot after handling loose change, it’s nice to have some lotion at my disposal. I can’t speak for everyone, but I get lotion as gifts and as travel-sized freebies all the time, so I typically just stash one in my bag, no real preference to a specific scent or brand. (Currently, I have the V.S. Fabulous one, Thanks, Mom ? )

6.Lipsticks/Chapstick – I would like to say I only keep the same lip products in my bag all the time, but that would be a lie. Typically, I have a chapstick that lives in my bag, but as for lipsticks, it becomes a compilation of all the shades I wear throughout the week. (Chapstick of choice: Carmex in Cherry)

7.Work Card – This card gives me access to our “Employee Only” areas. I keep this housed in the back zip pocket of my purse so I never leave the house without it.

8.Headphones w/ mic – I loved the standard white earbuds that came with my iPhone, but once those broke, spending $30 again didn’t seem right. So I was in search of another option and found these [*Similar*]. They are “rose gold” (more of a yellowish-pink,) but they have the same sound quality as the Apple ones, have the mic and remote feature as well AND they are sold in a two pack, meaning I can store these in my bag and have the other pair at home, so I’m never sans headphones. I like to keep a pair of headphones with me to catch up on a Netflix show during my lunch hour or answer a phone call or FaceTime while in the break room.

9.iPhone Charger – Eight hours is a long time for an iPhone sometimes. There are days where I’m a-okay with battery life and other days where I’m ready to unplug the break room microwave just to avoid my phone dying. Regardless, you never know when you’re going to need it OR when a co-worker might, so it’s always handy to have one that lives in your work bag.

10.iPhone 6s – Last but certainly not least, my window to the outside world while I’m confined to my retail store. Always have it sitting in the slip pocket of my bag and judging by how it’s 2017, I don’t need to explain why it’s listed as a work essential. (Our company actually has a facebook-style app, where we can post about new and upcoming things happening in the store, snag “employee only” coupons and post pictures of great practices in our store, so it is technically something I need to bring to work with me so that I’m in-the-know.)



That’s it! Everything I carry to work with me on a daily basis. Not as exciting as an office job work bag, but still wanted to share with you all what I can’t leave the house without.

Comment below the one thing that you cannot live without in your work bag!

Much Love,

The Fashion Banana

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