Use Color Theory to Pick the Right Color for Your Office

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I recently decided it was time to repaint my office, but before I dove into the task, I wanted to make sure I picked the right color.

I wasn’t just looking for aesthetically pleasing ones, but colors that would support a productive, creative space. For this, I did some research on color theory.

Color theory (or psychology, depending on who you are talking to) is all about the science of how color affects people.

Brands invest big money in research to make sure their color schemes will invoke a certain feeling in their consumers.

However, there is still an active debate on how concrete common conceptions of color are fact vs. theory.

You can’t extrapolate with certainty that a specific color will resonate with everyone the exact same as we all have different emotional attachments to certain colors but we can try to work within the color generalities for color branding or in this case a home office.

Figuring out where to start can be a challenge.

Christa O’Leary, the founder of Home in Harmony Lifestyle, suggest people consider their job and what type of quality they want to feel in their office.

“Taking into consideration the physiological response of color to the body is important,” O’Leary told Forbes.

“The color blue has a calming effect on the nervous system … [while] yellow might be a great accent amidst a calming sea of blue to help encourage some focus and direction.”

For those who are still confused O’Leary suggested, Choose what you are hoping to gain and pick a few colors to promote those aspirations.”

If you work in a fast-paced, demanding job something calming might be best for you to counter-balance the demand of your work like a sales accountant executive, technology and science blogger or a lawyer.

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