This Girl Is Strictly Salon Products Only!

For 20 years the-Hair-wash-day was nothing but a day of dread. I would have to clear hours off my schedule just to do the simple and necessary act. My Procedure Was Standard Like Many; Dampen the hair, wash the hair with store-bought shampoo. rinse throughly and then soak for the rest of the duration in store-bought conditioner. ( I had to be EXTREMELY GENEROUSLY when using my conditioner. Believe me)
Two minutes after the shower there would be would be a birds nest on top of my head. There is NO Exaggeration. . It would truly be a tightly-wound and HUGE knot, before I could even get dressed. My hair would already have completely dry patches. The face looking back at me in the mirror would say it all.
“Here We Go Again .. Let’s Get It Over & Done With. Why Can’t I Just Have Normal Hair”
Doing my hair was a Complete work out, my arms would throb, my back would spasm. My scalp would have turned fifty shades of red. I would of lost a full bathroom Bin worth of hair( LITERALLY). The dandruff was out of hand and all over my head, I even had built up patches that had wept. It was just too unbearable to carry on.
Within two days of absolute pamper, I would be back to square one. It would take a good 2-3 hours just to get a Brush through my messy mop. Even if I had managed to get all of the dreads out it would of looked like I had been dragged though a hedge backwards thanks to the natural waves and kinks reacting to the brushing. Good old friction.
Don’t even get me started on what happened if I tried to constrain it with a bobble. Or sleep. GAME OVER
In all honesty I actually have no idea how I managed it for all them years.
But Then I Crossed Paths With These Amazing Hair Masks, For Me it’s Been A a Complete Hair Transformation!

( After Shampooing, Apply To Your Scalp, Massage In, Leave For 5 Minutes Then Rinse.)

From the very first wash I felt the full-frontal salon effects; My hair was healthier, shinier and for a FULL MONTH my usual sweep of dandruff was no where to be seen. It really felt like my Scalp was breathing for the first time, it was so fresh and clean.
Brushing my hair was no a manageable task. There was a considerable decrease in knots which meant very useful increase of time for me, especially considering I had to run back to my daughter who made it a rushed and panicked experience.
whats more, I was no longer in pain, sitting on the floor for hours trying to get a Brush through a haystack, my scalp was no longer a mess and suffering more and more with every stroke.
Now, it takes a couple of minutes to brush. That’s it.
I no longer have to wait the horror of hair-wash day. It is no longer a chore, but an enjoyable luxury, pampering process.

(After Shampooing. Work Evenly Into Wet Hair With Your Fingertips, Paying Special attention To Your Ends & Damaged Areas. Leave in For ten minutes, Rinse Throughly)

The Nu mask has solved & saved me from going bald before I hit 30. NO MORE FILLING UP BINS !
Now, it’s simply less than a brush full after each wash and brush. ( I’ve also stopped finding hair on my furniture and clothes as if I was moulting).
Its moisturising properties meant that I was no longer finding dry patches in my hair, or my scalp. I can now take a day off washing it without the fear of the dreads coming back or being seen.
Im so thankful to have finally discovered products that work. I can now feel happy about washing my hair and don’t dread getting ready for nights out.
Finally I Feel Like I Have Normal Hair.
. ( To Buy This Mask Direct Message Me Via Instagram or Email)

For the best effects, Use both the matching shampoo and conditioner. It really does make a difference, avoiding drugstore shampoo that dry your hair out with every usage. I’m hair happy after every wash and not having to grit my teeth until the next salon appointment.

Its mad how I was struggling for so many years, trying Product after Product and getting no where, then something so simple as offering to be Lucy Quaye’s model ( my personal hairdresser) at Terence & Paul Knutsford has now bought me to where I am today.
Everyone always says how bleaching your hair is the worst thing you can do,
“It Will Dry Your Hair Out ” ” It Will Ruin Your Hair.” “Bleach Is So Damaging”
Yet after Lucy bleached my hair, giving me this gorgeous ombré, I now have shiny strong healthy hair. It’s The Best It’s Ever Been !
Lucy’s Process:
– after bleaching my hair she took me over to the washing Station where she began to rinse & wash my hair with System Professional shampoo.
– Then, she used a Toner, leaving it on for a few minutes.
– Next, she rinsed out the Toner before using the Scalp mask shown above.
When I sat back in the chair, ready for my trim, I was overjoyed to see that she didn’t have any trouble whatsoever getting the brush and comb through.

This is when I knew what I had to do. Just like that. All of a sudden this started from one great experience and right there I began to regain hope. I was going to start trying These salon Products instead.

Are you sick of your Salon hair only lasting a week? Then get buying salon products from you ur hairdresser instead. Your Paying money to get the style, colour and feel you want. Then paying for your drugstore shampoos just to dry it out, Ruin and fade the colour.

This Is Why I Am Now A Strictly Salon Product Only Girl !
Thank You For Reading My FIRST EVER Blog Post. I Hope You Have Enjoyed It !
For Those Who Were Struggling Like Me, I Hope My Experience Can Now Help You Too.
Miss Lawless XX

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