McDonald’s Cashier Couldn’t Afford Christmas Presents For Daughter, Then Something Incredible Happens

Christmas is one of the best periods of the year. Staying home with your loved ones, the cold weather, warm cocoa, lights strung up in neighborhoods, and presents!

But Christmas is not so happy time for many people. Unfortunately, holiday cheer doesn’t reach everyone in the same way. The holiday season can be a reminder for some that they can’t afford to give any presents although they wish they could.

When a local Iowa radio station heard about a McDonald’s cashier’s struggle to provide for her child, much less buy any presents, they decided to give her an amazing surprise. KDEC FM 100.5 was traveling around doing random acts of kindness and decided to help the employee and her daughter have a really merry Christmas.

The radio station host began to talk to the McDonald’s employee about their mission to do random acts of kindness and asked the woman if anyone had done any at that McDonald’s location. The employee said some people paid for a few people behind them.

When the woman asked what she hoped to get her 15-month daughter for Christmas, the cashier was brought to tears as she admitted that she couldn’t afford to get her daughter anything. But then comes a wonderful moment when she is given a random act of kindness. Thee station host told her that a local bank along with the KDEC wanted to give her $100 to help her family have a wonderful Christmas.

The tears flowed down her face in disbelief at the kind act. The station made one stipulation — she had to pay the kindness forward in the form of a hug or a coffee to someone else.

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