Cutest hug between two little friends who haven’t seen each other for whole 17 months!

This is a story about two “military kids” who have known each other and been best friends their whole life. 

Eli and his friend, both five year olds, had a heartwarming reunion in the airport after being separated for 17 months. 

They lived nearby and grow up together, but one of the families had to move to another state, so after almost one and a half year, their moms arranger reunion. 

As we can see on the video, that has over 6 million views, they are very surprise, even confused at first, but then they have the cutest (and maybe longest) hug ever!

They organized surprise weekend for them to spend some time together and we can see all the love they have for one another. We can hear the girl says she missed him and although he doesn’t say a word, his long hug says it all.

We can also hear the reaction of their moms, who both are very touched by this reunion. We are very glad to share such happy moments.


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