We choose a robot vacuum cleaner

What a miracle is this?

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a specialized technique with which you can easily remove the room from debris and dust on the floor.

Such a vacuum cleaner can clean the premises on schedule or at the command of the owner. He independently moves around the house in a certain direction, removing all garbage. After the room is cleaned, the robot returns to its place of recharging.

A brief description of.

Approximately from the beginning of 2000 year on sale began to arrive robots-vacuum cleaners. The technique was in the form of a circle, measuring up to 35 cm and a height of up to 10 cm. Depending on the manufacturer, vacuum cleaners can be marketed with an infrared sensor called simply a virtual wall in everyday life. This sensor allows you to limit the robot space for cleaning, for example, remove only the dust under the bed. And if suddenly the vacuum cleaner has got stuck under the bed or in the corner between the cabinets, it will start to give special sounds to the owner, so that he gets it.

New models of vacuum cleaners.

Many somehow think that if a vacuum cleaner is called a “robot”, then he can think, create a room map, and also memorize the situation in the room, furniture and objects. It is a myth. At the moment, the newest model iRobot has many times the modest features. Its design includes a vacuum cleaner and a controller, that is, a robot. The robot analyzes the information from a huge number of sensors and receiving this data, it chooses the direction where it should move further and at what speed.

About the sensors in the vacuum cleaner.

In general, all models of vacuum cleaners have in their design a common set of sensors. This set includes:

  • IR sensors, which are located in the front bumper. Thanks to them, the vacuum cleaner determines the location of objects and approaching them.
  • IR sensors, which are located at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. They are necessary for the technician to determine the height difference of nearby objects.
  • Mechanical sensors. This type of sensor is located in the front bumper and with the help of their vacuum cleaner can determine the collision with the object and quickly change direction.

Models of the new generation, in its design has another sensor, ultrasonic. Thanks to him, the robot vacuum cleaner can quickly determine the distance from it to the object. Thus, the technique reduces the speed of movement and gently moves toward the subject until a soft contact occurs. Then the vacuum cleaner changes direction and moves to the other side.

Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning.

Robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning of the room in its design has a number of sensors that help determine the level of contamination of the room. They also help the vacuum cleaner rotate the front wheel.

The combination in the model of all the above sensors allows the technician to quickly move around the room and effectively clean it, along the perimeter and diagonally, as well as around the legs of tables and chairs, and also in a spiral.

About cleaning …

This is the second component of any model of vacuum cleaner, which should also pay close attention. If we compare the vacuum cleaner of the classical model and the robot vacuum cleaner, then the second one has less absorbability of the garbage, but it copes well with the dust collected in a special container for this purpose.

If the garbage is large, then it is collected by means of two brushes in a separate compartment of the garbage container.

The vacuum cleaner also has a side brush in the design that perfectly removes debris from the skirting boards, at the corners and around the legs of the table and chairs.

Care of the vacuum cleaner. The robot vacuum cleaner is simple not only in use, but also in care. And on how to care for it depends on the quality of cleaning.

Models of Chinese or Korean production are not convenient because they have in their design the simplest type of brush. They wind on threads and hair, animal hair, which then have to be cut with scissors, releasing the dust that has settled on them outside.

But the iRobot models (which can be freely bought in Kharkov) are equipped with special brushes, which if the hair or thread is wound up, it can be easily removed with the help of special accessories without dust and dirt.

So, if you want to buy a perfect vacuum cleaner, you can draw your attention to the robot vacuum cleaner. However, these vacuum cleaners have their advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account.