How to manifest with energy

Knowing how to control energy and use it to bring about the things we desire we must first learn to accept that everything including us is energy.

When you give from abundance and pure heart you will manifest. When you give generously out of good heartedness you will manifest.

When you ask the question of what will you manifest, the answer is energy. What this additional energy will bring about is that which you require on your life journey. If you need love you will receive it by giving love. When you need to resart then you will receive a emotional or physical break down.

Look at life as puzzle pieces of your journey and evolution of your human life experience that you are experiencing as energy. You have this physical human experience so that you can experience how it is to be seperate from All. You look different to appear different. You act different to appear different. You are energy that vibrates at different frequencies. You are light reflections. You hear sound which are sound waves which is energy vibrating and different frequencies. You have touch which feels other energy. You have a heart which perceives energy. You have a mind that creates a film out of your sensory perfectionist. You and me, we are all energy. We now need to learn how to manifest, direct and use this energy to our good will in order to bring about the positive energy change so many of us are working towards bringing about in their every day life in whatever form that may be.

Do social media out of good heartedness to share my wisdom with joy and pleasure. Interact with people in genuinely, whole heartedness manner. Share with others your wisdom and knowledge through grace, honour and respect, a true teacher who is humble and knowledgeable.

You are energy, be careful what energy you allow into your reality.