Katie Agenbroad



Why are the goals better than the guys?
A very good question that Katie can fully answer to you.
This is the subject of a post from her unusual and very interesting blog.

Katie is a girl who grew up in a Colorado, but after she turned 18, she moved to Utah. Very sincerely and simply described this period of her life in her blog, when you read it you will see how much it just does not look that simple.

That’s why her blog is so special and honest.

Katie is a freshman at college. He is studying Nursing, specifically ER/Trauma Nursing and she is eager to finish studies so that she can help people. Impressed by the human mind and body.

Katie also likes to own a lot of dogs, she wants to travel and take pictures, hoping that one day she will have her own cafe.

If you want to learn more about her exciting life, about what are the good and bad sides of living in another city, the stereotypes of being a lady and many tips whether it is worth being at all costs in a bad relationship?
Then we recommend Katie’s blog