Brave Blonde

Brave Blonde

Hannah Tovar


Brave Blonde is a blog about the journey of amazing 29 years old mother Hannah Tovar.

She lives with her family in the hottest and sunniest part of the world Arizona.

Her journey is very brave because she had to fight the battle of infertility but now everything is good and she has two-year-old son Hudson.

She has been married for four years.

She came up with the name Brave Blond because she and her husband were trying everything to conceive a child for two years. That was the most devastating period of her life. The last time when she and her husband were going to the doctor before Hudson was born, on the radio was playing ‘You make me brave’.

Her son middle name is Brave and Hannah is blonde 🙂

Hannah first starts to write about 8 months ago but her passion about motherhood and style begins on Instagram, posting about her pregnancy.

And then her love for fashion, kids, style, and motherhood never stops

For Hannah is all about balance in life.

She doesn’t want to be a “busy” mom but also doesn’t like to be “always at home” mom. Her preoccupation is finding things to do in the community with her little boy Hudson.

For Hannah children are gifts of God. She is enjoying the journey of motherhood because, since the early days when she was a little girl, her greatest dreams and desires was to be a mother. She was working for her local church for ten years! Since she was 18-years-old. She was doing everything from running a dance school, running large city events, to mentoring women and teenage girls. That’s how all starts.

In her blog Brave Blonde, she has been sharing about what she has learned working with children, teenagers and in the previous 21 months being a mom to Hudson.

Hannah also is a professional photographer, she falls in love with photography when Hudson was born. She wanted to remember the very first moments of him. She has been using canon rebel with 50mm lens.

For more interesting things about Hannah and her journey check out her blog.