10 Ways to Get Inspired + Ignite Your Creativity


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10 Ways to Get Inspired + Ignite Your Creativity


Starting and maintaining a blog is tough. I’ve only been blogging for a month and I already feel like I’m losing my inspiration at times. With SO many bloggers out there it can feel impossible to come up with original, creative, content. I have to remind myself not to compare my blog to other blogs and just be myself! It’s important to find your own inspiration within your own life in order to create engaging content. That sounds good and all, but how do you STAY inspired, and get into your creative zone? Today I have 10 tips to help you ignite your own creativity! Note: these tips are made for everyone who wants to lead a creative life! Not just bloggers ?



1. Get a Pretty New Notebook

I know that right now you’re thinking “Dee, what are you talking about. How is a notebook going to inspire me to create amazing things?” It sounds ridiculous, but it can make a difference. It’s not really about the notebook. It’s about having a fresh, clean slate that’s designated JUST for your creative ideas. I saw the notebook pictured above at Forever 21 and I passed it up telling myself I didn’t need it. I thought about that notebook for the next 3 days. That notebook just had “blog post idea space” written all over it. So yes, I went back to the store and I bought it. I take the notebook with me and write down those great ideas that suddenly appear in my head during the day. I also write other blog stuff in it that I want to remember like SEO tips, Instagram hashtags, and useful plugins. My point is that this notebook is ONLY for blog stuff and helps to keep me focused on creating fresh content. Obviously, you can use this for any ideas not just blogging stuff. Just any creative idea, or thought that pops into your head!



2. Drink Some Coffee or Tea (or another favorite drink)

Maybe it’s just me and my coffee obsession, but coffee really helps me get focused and into my creative zone. Something about that coffee sitting there next to my laptop and notebook is inspiring. Sorry, I probably sound crazy again, but I mean it! I think it’s just having that drink (or even snack!) there that makes you happy helps to get those creative juices flowing. Yes, the caffeine probably helps, but I also love the smell. Good smells help me to relax and be creative as well. Which leads me to my next point.


3. Light some Candles or Use an Oil Diffuser

Like I said scents can do amazing things for you! I have an oil diffuser that I turn on when I’m sitting at my desk trying to write a blog post. I have some cinnamon scented oil which is my favorite. Lavender oil is also a good one to use because of its calming effects. Candles can also give you this same effect and are aesthetically pleasing on top of it!


4. Play Some Music!

This is probably another obvious one, but it’s so effective. I like background noise so music helps me to focus. I love using Spotify because they have so many different “Genre & Mood” stations to choose from. This also gives me the opportunity to discover new music which helps keep me inspired. Because after all, music is art, and in my opinion, so is blogging.


5. Read a Book

I honestly just got back into reading. College made me not want to read for fun, but anyways. I bought a few self-help books and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert was the first one I started reading. Long story short, this book inspired me to start this blog. I still haven’t finished the book, but I think that says something about how powerful just the first few chapters are. It’s about following your creative ideas without fear. Actually putting your ideas into action and creating without being afraid of failure, competition, or criticism. This is important because the fear of those three things is often what stops us from creating; stops us from listening to our own ideas. So read a book! You never know how it’ll inspire you.


6. Have a Glass of Wine

Yeah, I said have a GLASS of wine. Not a bottle. Don’t go around saying that Dee told you to get drunk and you’ll have amazingly creative ideas. You might, and that’s great, but that’s not what I recommend. Also, if you don’t drink that’s totally fine. Skip this. I personally like to do this when I’m trying to write a blog post during the week after work. It helps me to unwind from my day and clear my head so that I can focus on what I’m trying to write. A clear mind is a major key to creativity!



I have a chair in the backyard that I love to go sit in in the morning. I take my coffee, and laptop out there with me and I get to work. I’m pretty sure the fresh air and sunlight are just healthy for your brain overall haha. It’s relaxing and helps you think more clearly especially if you’ve been inside the majority of your day. The change of scenery can get new ideas flowing. While you’re outside you can also….


8. Scroll Through Pinterest!

Pinterest is the biggest source of ideas and inspiration that I can think of. If you don’t find inspiration on Pinterest then I don’t know what to tell you. Just kidding, but I’m serious about how much I love Pinterest. You can type in anything you want and get search results back. Pinterest is where I learned everything I needed to know about starting a blog especially when it came to becoming self-hosted. You can also search for fashion, art, DIY crafts, food, drinks, ANYTHING and pull ideas from it. I’m not saying to copy someone else’s blog post word for word, but to get INSPIRED by those posts. Get inspired by other bloggers’ work and don’t think of them as competition. Think about how you can put your own personal twist on something that you found on Pinterest. Browsing through Pinterest should get the wheels turning in your head. I’ll see something on there that will remind me of something else in my own life and have an “ah ha!” moment about a potential blog post. It really is an amazing resource. Even if you’re not a blogger Pinterest is just a great place to find inspiration to do something creative. I’ve found plenty of DIY projects and paintings on there that inspired me to go get artsy.


9. Look through your camera photos to remind yourself of experiences + important things in your life you can write about

I think we have a tendency to get too wrapped up in our busy lives and forget that we actually have very INTERESTING lives. Everyone is unique and has knowledge and experiences that they can share with the world. I think that’s the best part about blogging. You have the freedom to express whatever you want, and I guarantee you that there’s someone out there who can relate to your experience and/or find it helpful. Never downplay anything that you have to say. Looking through your camera roll, or wherever you have pictures saved, is a great way to remind yourself that you DO have plenty to share with the world. You may have pictures of a trip you took, your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, art, a book you read, your college days, outfits you’ve worn, a graduation, things you’ve made, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. My point is, ANY of these things can be turned into a blog post that only you can write.


10. Do something NEW, go somewhere NEW, or learn something NEW

Add to that camera roll of inspiration. Starting this blog has made me want to explore more and do new things. Why? because it’s fun and gives me great blog content, even if it’s as simple as visiting a coffee shop I’ve never tried before. You can also learn a new skill or get into a new hobby. For example, I started bullet journaling about two months ago and now that’s something I want to continue to write blog posts about. I’m still learning, but it’s fun for me to share that learning process with my readers. Blogger or not, new experiences are what help you to grow and be creative!

Everyone has the ability to be creative! You just have to find what inspires you to use those creative abilities! So I want to hear from you all now, how do you get inspired? When do you feel the most creative? I really love interacting with you guys in the comments so let me know! Thanks for reading ?