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I have tried and deleted a lot of photo editing apps over the years. But I have a few that I have stuck with. Today I’m going to tell you about my favorites. These are in no order.


I just discovered this app a few months ago. It literally airbrushes your face when you take the picture. They have tons of different filters you can choose from. I use this app to take my pictures because I love the way it smooths out your face. You can actually put make-up on your face in this app too. I haven’t used that feature yet but it looks pretty cool. It’s free as well.


This app isn’t free it’s $1.99 but it’s worth it. I mainly use it to change the lighting on my picture if it’s too dark. I use this one every once in a while but it’s been on my phone for 3 different phone changes.


Now this one is no secret. Every serious Instagram user has this one. This one has my favorite filters. I’m in love with the HB1 & HB2 I use that on all my pictures. I may have to experiment with some new ones soon. I’m kinda all over the place with my theme on Instagram right now. They have different filter packs you can buy. I haven’t bought any yet. But they look really pretty.


I haven’t really seen anyone talk about this one. Now this one you can take a picture with a bare face and put makeup on your whole face. I did that to one of my pictures and it came out pretty good. It didn’t look fake at all. I usually use this one to sharpen my eyeliner or do face contour. I suck at contouring in real life so this app is amazing.

Those are my top photo editing apps. I use at least two of those every time I take a selfie.

What apps do you use to edit your photos?

xoxo- Danielle