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Hello, everyone!

As it was recently mental health awareness week and I’ve been catching up on 13 Reasons Why, I thought I would write a post on five ways we can spread some love to each other. After having some mental health issues myself in the past I understand how important this is to those people who have mental health issues. This post is here to help you spread some love, and also to help you realize that YOU MATTER. So here is tip number one!



Compliment people. If you like their hair, or makeup or something they are wearing then tell them. When I’m wearing something I’m not too sure on and someone compliments it, it makes me feel much more confident about the choice I made. You never know, someone may need that little boost. Compliments aren’t always about looks. They can be about someone’s personality, their strong will or their funny sense of humor!

Remember, if someone doesn’t compliment your hair, makeup or clothes it doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful! One thing I would love to get better at is complimenting strangers. I always see people walking down the street and think ‘I love her jacket.’ Or ‘I love his hat.’ But I then chicken out and think that I shouldn’t interrupt them, but thinking about it now, that compliment could make that person’s day.



Kindness is a great place to start. This could be some something as small as a smile as you walk by or as big as volunteering. I always try my best to smile at people when I am walking around. A small smile could brighten someone’s day. I always think that when I smile at someone and they don’t smile back then I wasted a smile, but really smiles cost nothing!

Try to be helpful wherever you can. If it’s at home, school, work, college/Uni or even in the streets. I try to be as helpful as I can just so people aren’t struggling! You could hold open the door if there’s someone behind you, or if you see someone struggling you could run ahead and open the door for them! It’s the little things that people really appreciate!


Do something fun!

Go do something fun with family or friends. Be spontaneous. Even if it’s just a quiet night in with a few people or a big night out with a large group of people, either way, it will mean a lot to one of the people you hang out with!

Personally, I love hanging out with my family and friends. It doesn’t matter what we could be doing, it just fills my heart and I have a great time! So, knowing it warms my heart I think that it must warm someone else’s heart to be hanging out with family or friends. Something I really value is my quality time with my family or my friends.

Movie nights.


Beach trips. (Day or night.)


Games night.

Come dine with me food parties.


Vist an amusement park.

All of these things are pretty fun to do with others so why not invite a few people over and have some fun!


Gifts or donations.

Everyone loves being surprised by a small gift. One thing I would like to do more is surprise people with little things. I see something I a shop thinking ‘This person would like this’ but I never pick it up and buy it, so I would love to start doing this more. Another thing you could do is if you are going to visit someone, stop by a shop and buy their favorite flowers or their favorite biscuits or chocolates. They would really appreciate it!

If I have some spare change I always try to put it into charity pots. Something else I would really like to try to do more do more monthly giving towards charities and sponsor so children in other countries! There is something about being generous that gives a great buzz and I absolutely love it!


Let’s take a moment to talk about you.



If you’re a mother, a father, a daughter, a son, a sister, a brother, a grandparent, an aunt, an uncle, a cousin. You matter. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what you’ve done or been through, you are still valuable. You’ve got so much potential and so much purpose that you need to keep on walking through this world is strong not only for others but for yourself.


Thanks for reading guys! I hope this gave you some ideas on how to spread the love. If anyone of you needs to chat, hope onto my social media and send me a direct message. They are always open!

Talk soon,