How to not be the salty friend at the wedding

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According to the US census, 2.3 million couples get a married a year. I’m no mathematician but I would guess that number equals about a billion social media wedding pictures. Wedding season is upon us and for some girls, it’s too much to take in. I get it, it’s hard to see someone live in a moment you’ve been dying for. It is a hard girl but cools out. There are dozens of reasons why you should never stand next to your homegirls on their big day with big envious eyes and a jealous heart. I don’t have time to name a dozen but I’ll name a few and let you marinate on that while you get ya life. So let’s get into it….


I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life

I’ve been there. Although marriage has never been on my to do list I do want to build a dope ass life and share it with a dope as a boy and our equally dope ass kids. The reality is when I was saying silly things like “I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life” I was only showcasing the fact that I wasn’t ready for anything but what I already had.  Relationships require a lot of work and living in the now and not focusing on the past or what could go badly in the future. Relationships require positive energy. My guess is marriage requires the same. The best thing to do when you’re feeling this way is to focus on building the dope ass life you want as if someone told you that you’ll meet Prince dopeness tomorrow. You don’t just get with someone and life is good. You have to know how to look ahead in faith and positively even when things look a little dark. My life isn’t what I want it to be right now so I’m focusing on that and being intentional in my decision making. When it’s time for me to share my dope ass life with that dope ass boy I’ll be confident in who I am and positive that I’ll never focus on the negatives. I’m finding happiness where I am and I love it.


I’m doing all the right things and I’m still single

Yeah, no you’re not. If you’re focusing on if your skirt is too short that you look like a hoe or so long that you look like a granny you are not living. If you don’t ghetto ass up and live! By live I mean rather than concerning yourself with doing all the right things focus on edifying your life daily to be the best version of yourself for yourself. Even if you have children, the edification should be for you, let the children inspire. The person you’re trying to attract is supposed to be marrying you, right? Focus on being that and not the person you think he wants. The best advice for the girls doing all the right things, don’t lose yourself.


There aren’t any good men left 

As much as there are quite a few ain’t shit men in the world there is an equal amount of ain’t shit women and if you that’s what you’re constantly attaching…..I’m not saying you ain’t shit but something about you is something like it sooooo focus on that. My advice? Get your shit together sis.


Why her?

There are literally a million dozen possible reasons but it all boils down to WHO CARES?! Your journey is not hers. Find your place in this world and own it. Be you. Be happy with you. Work on being the best you daily. There’s so much happiness to be had by simply loving yourself and celebrating and sometimes making fun of things you encounter on your journey. My best advice is to not bother yourself with how and why she snagged her husband. Chances are she was herself and he saw that and loved it OR she tricked him but that’s a post for another day. The take away here is what I hope you take away from all of my post, love yourself girl or nobody will.


There are things more important than being madly in love with someone else for the rest of your life, like being in love with yourself

Don’t be in a rush to give someone something that you haven’t cared enough to give yourself. Selfish > Selfless

Single girls and married girls, chime in below I would love to know your thoughts. TTYL?