My Health Journey

I wish that I could say that my healthy lifestyle change came naturally overnight, but that would not be the truth. Last summer, June of 2016, I went to see my OBGYN for my annual doctors appointment. It was then that she told me that she felt fibroids on my uterus and that she recommended that I get an ultrasound to see for sure. Well, she was right, not only did I have one, but FOUR, one being the size of an orange. She told me that if I wanted any more kids, that I would have to get them removed, or if they started to bother me and more complications came from it, then I would have to have a hysterectomy, which runs in my family.


All I could do was silently cry, which I did loudly in the car. The thought of surgery just scared me, so I started to research ways to shrink them naturally without going through surgery. What I found seemed so much simpler, and that was changing my diet. I would have to remove ALL of the foods that I loved and basically turn into a rabbit, eating fruits and vegetables, while also removing dairy, soy, gluten, pork, caffeine, candy, basically my entire refrigerator needed to be thrown away.  At that time, I was at my heaviest weight, 145 lbs. I felt myself gaining weight, but I just thought that with each year I got older, a little more loving was being added to my body. The fibroids, however, were a big part of my weight gain.


Moving forward to present day, I am so very thankful that my fibroids got my butt in gear to live a healthier lifestyle. This has prompted the name of my blog, Eternally Victorious, because it is not only important for me to look good on the outside, but also on the inside as well. I have become VICTORIOUS in beating the struggles of such a lifestyle change. I have maintained my ideal weight goal, which is between 130-135 and my major key in staying obedient to eating clean and continuing this lifestyle change is being repetitive. I have trained my body to eat the same meals every day, minus the days that I lean towards my 20% cheat days. I eat clean 80% of the time, but I do change my meals up every once in a while so that I will not get bored seeing the same things on my plate every day.


It has been a year since I found out about my fibroids and changed my eating habits. Although my fibroids have not shrunk, they also have not grown either. Actively working out has made a big difference and this is the best I’ve felt in a long time.