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Hi my name is Dayna and I am a full time fitness and health enthusiast. My Blog is very candid sharing of my fitness journey, opinions and motivational page for you. Thanks for reading the content and I love receiving your feedback.

About me: Sometimes I can be ditzy, but it makes for a great experience. Life is too short not to be positive and laugh a lot. Most of the time, I write from the heart, inspirations and what comes to mind. I think it makes it very personal like you and I are having a conversation. What do I believe about my life: I have been on a daily journey to be a better person. Learning from each experience, taking from it the positive and leaving the rest behind.

My passion for fitness: I started my love for fitness at the age of 16. Since I could remember, my father would go to the gym every night after dinner when he got home from work. One night I decided to go with him to the gym and I was hooked. I enjoyed lifting, becoming healthy, and forming a close bond with what we both seemed to enjoy. I learned that working out your bicep muscle and tricep muscle were two completely different muscles. My love for the gym became so strong that it became a routine for me.

Fast forward to a few years: In 2014, I competed in NPC East Coast Championships where I placed 5th place in novice and 4th place in open class. It was my first show and I was extremely happy. After I did my show (Picture above) I’ve battled a few issues of getting back to a healthy lifestyle. When you go to such an extreme for a show, you have a hard time remembering what’s normal. Being at 120lbs at 5’9 for my show is NOT maintainable or realistic to be for more than a day. I’m still working on dealing with this jump back to reality, but I think I’ve finally found a healthy balance between staying fit, eating healthy and still going out and having fun with my family on the weekends!

Happiness in all aspects: Being healthy in all aspects of life feels fabulous. God had a plan for me when I met the man intended to be in my life at age 18, but married him at the age of 28. For the first time, I finally knew what love was. We’ve been on a quite a journey, but that’s what makes our love go round. I have an older sister and brother in law who who has triplet girls. My brother in law is the brother I never had. My sister has had a long journey in her pregnancy, but now is so blessed. My husband and I are godparents to Gianna who brings so much happiness in our lives.

A bit of a turn: I was a visual merchandising manager and set the floors. I was in charge of the window displays, dressing mannequins, and creating an inviting atmosphere to get customers into the store. I worked 40 hours a week, I would go out with my friends after work everyday, and if I was lucky I’d get two hours of sleep. What I thought was important was my social life and appearance. On April 5th 2013, I was coming home from Staten Island and on my way to work at 6:00 am. I just got back from Miami Florida and was extremely jet lagged. As I was driving, my car went into the guard rail. I thought I was going to die. The air bags went off, I hit my mouth on the steering wheel, and woke up on the opposite side of the highway into another guard rail. All I remembered was a state trooper coming up to the window and sending me to the hospital. I had bleeding in my head, holes in my lungs, a broken bone in my mouth with four missing teeth, and my liver was split in half, but I was alive. I knew my journey for fitness was at a complete stand still as I could not work out or eat solid foods. I was completely devastated. My journey was long as they had to reconstruct my whole mouth and countless visits to the doctor. I couldn’t drive or work, but I had an amazing support system and boyfriend at the time who stood by my side as I recovered. I have worked hard and celebrate each day as a gift. What I can do, I bring my best effort and this is what’s important. My philosophy to my online followers is to be the best you can be taking any limitations into consideration. We are promised all things are possible and I’m a walking example of that. I applaud the woman I am today in spite of a set back. I feel stronger physically and emotionally having gone through the experience.

I love to share my life:
I love to help people by example and teaching. I want everyone to know they can adopt a healthy lifestyle no matter what the circumstance. I want to be the voice you hear telling you to please take care of yourself. Please eat healthy foods and exercise. Find true happiness, love and believe in yourself. Life is too short not to do all these things. I plan to do my best to motivate you through this blog.

Xo Dayna


The articles written on this blog are not written by medical professionals. It is a personal blog, and the writings found here are opinions based on personal experience. I am not a doctor so you should always consult your physician before starting any exercise program if you have any existing medical conditions.