Janitor’s Car Is Stolen, Then Kids Call Him Into Gym To See Surprise Message About It On Banner

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Many of us would choose something extravagant, something notable in society’s eyes. But not William Manning, who happens to be working his dream job as the janitor at Arvada High School.

In fact, he wouldn’t change his job for the world. Still, he had no idea that the job he loved so much loved him back just as much until the unthinkable happened: he woke up and realized his car was missing. Roughly two weeks ago, Bill woke up to find that his only form of transportation had been stolen in the middle of the night. Bill was devastated.

“I dropped to my knees and cried,” says Bill, “It’s my pride and joy.”

When the kids at his school found out about it, they did something incredible. In just a matter of two days, they managed to raise around $4,000 to help him replace his car. But there’s a reason these kids jumped at the chance to help Bill out.

“There’s something special that you see in Bill that you’ll do whatever it takes to help him as much as he helps you,” says one of the students.

Bill has been a dedicated janitor at the Arvada High School for over 14 years. But it’s not the job itself that’s keeping him there; it’s the people he gets to work with.

“Everybody wants to support Bill because they know how much he would do for you,” explains Ian Fonseca, the student who started a fund to raise money towards it. “He’s done so much for us, so we decided to give back to him.”

Bill is also one of the students’ biggest fans, attending nearly every school sports game, according to one student, who says she’s never seen him miss a game.

“I love these kids, and they love me. I ask them how they’re doing and cheer them up. Or if they’ve got their head down, I make them pick their head up,” says Bill, who the kids affectionately nicknamed “Wild Bill.” “These are my children here. This is my home. And this is where I’ll retire someday.”