Adoption Brought Them Together, Now Nothing Can Tear “Barely Different” Sisters Apart

5 years ago, mom and photographer Anna Larson‘s life completely changed when she adopted a baby named Semenesh into her family.

While it may be that Semenesh is originally from Ethiopia and has dark skin, while Anna’s two biological children were born in the United States with white skin, the children all deeply love one another, inspiring Anna to create the photo series Barely Different.

In her photography series, Anna captures photos of her youngest daughter– Haven– with Semenesh to show how close the two precious sisters are. In an interview with My Modern Met, Anna explained why she chose to adopt and what she’s learned from her two girls.

Read what Anna had to say below:

After high school I volunteered in an infant care facility in Haiti and fell in love with one of the babies who was under my constant care.sisters2

After leaving Haiti, I received word that he had passed away due to a progressed illness and low immunity from HIV.


Through that heartache, I became certain that adoption was how I would grow a family.


Although two of my children are biological, I am so grateful for the things adoption has taught our family.


It’s a beautiful experience, and though not all of it is easy, it will always be completely worth it.


Haven and Semenesh have a wonderful connection and play together every possible moment.


They’re each others closest friends.


When we grow beside another, our similarities bloom.


It’s not skin that makes us different, or that causes separation and distance…no, it’s lack of unity.


Two souls birthed on the opposite sides of the world, were brought close through adoption, and their bond is great because of unity.


It’s opened my eyes to the potential we have to love and accept one another as brothers and sisters, just as they do.

Source: My Modern Met