All Natural Easy Eco Oven Cleaner

In an era where all products contain too many chemicals it’s a good idea, when you have a chance, to use natural products that are not harmful to us and the environment.

This DIY oven cleaner is easy to make and contains natural eco product, that are not harmful to the health and it’s also very efficient.

You will need orange, lemon, rosemary (optional), vinegar, mason jar and spray bottle.

The vinegar is a great cleaner but it doesn’t smell very nice, that’s why assistance is needed, the citrus smells amazing and it will create great cleaner. Because when you allow your discarded citrus peels to sit in vinegar for a few days, it infuses the vinegar with the oils and scents of the peel. Oranges work great for this and the oils in the citrus not only provide a great scent, but also provide a bit of extra cleaning power.

First you need to peel the orange


screen shot from video

Then you peel the lemon and you put both, orange and lemon peel, in the mason jar.


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You can also put rosemary, which is optional and then you add distilled vinegar. 

You close the mason jar and let it soak for at least 5 days, so the peels can excreted their essential oils which help in cleaning process. The longer you let it sit, the better!


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After 5 days you can transfer the fluid in a spray bottle, so you can use it easier. 


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The process of the cleaning is simple, first you put baking soda on the oven then you spray the cleaner. For best resoult you need to let it sit soak for 20 minutes.

Then you wipe the oven with a cloth and the magic happens. 


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This way you have cheap and eco friendly cleaner, that is easy to make and is not harmful to your family health. Also, it smells very nice.