Joss Stone with amazingly emotional collaboration with this beautiful unknown singer

The charming 29 year old singer, songwriter and actress, Joss Stone, is currently traveling the world to share some wonderful music.

Screenshot from video

The Total World Tour began in April 2014 and is a very meaningful project for Joss Stone because she intends to visit every country in the world, as her website saysJoss aims to collaborate with local homegrown musicians, playing indigenous music as well as her own songs. Joss will also work with a variety of good causes and learn about important humanitarian and environmental issues throughout the trip. 

During those, more than, 2 years on tour she has visited many countries, her latest concert was in Macedonia, small south eastern European country where she was part of the Skopje Jazz Festival and had a small but wonderful concert.

During her say in the country she made an amazing collaboration with the local most famous female singer, Karolina Gocheva. As we can see they choose picturesque scene, one fall day in the city park is perfect for this emotional collaboration which is a song in Macedonian called “Koj da mi zapee” (Who will sing to me now?). As they describe it, it is a very sad love song and we must say bravo for their success to transmit their feelings to the viewer.